green paint and painting green

We’ve been noticing, and loving, bright green walls in the home decor world. It looks so fresh and fun, and we admire the ability to pull it off — finding the right shade is not an easy task. (Some of us know from experience; don’t ask.) Here are some people who are really getting it right.

Miss Sockmonkey’s bright bedroom wall, above, is the perfect backdrop for art by family and friends. (Those were her chihuahuas you admired last week.)

Massdistraction’s green bathroom has a complementary gold ceiling.

Lydia’s Small Cool 2008 entry features a green wall that she says is her favorite thing in the apartment.

Jek in the box’s green wall sets off her Little People collection nicely. (We know you like the Little People.)

While we’re on the subject, if you’re going to paint green, you might as well really paint green. Here are some eco-friendly paints that are getting good reviews. Mary T. can vouch for Authentic Home and Devine (but, no, she didn’t go with bright green):
Authentic Home
Mythic Paint

There are also some helpful eco-friendly paint roundups at Interior Paint Colors and Eco-Products.

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Mary T

Ooo, thanks for linking to your photos! We love that!


I second the little people love.

I just bought this card from Sweetbeets’ etsy shop for a wedding next week.