adventures in beekeeping: building the hive

You know that I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently because I’ve been falling madly love with our daughter, a little ten-pound three-month-old named Isadora. But what you don’t know is that Chad and I are about to start a new adventure at our Catskill cottage — beekeeping! Well, it’s really more Chad’s thing than mine, but I fully support this new hobby of his. For the past few months, he’s been reading up on beekeeping, learning most of what he needs through a company called Betterbee. The other day, he assembled the hive with the help of a brad gun (many, many nails were required). The bees arrive this Saturday. Chad has been trying to talk me into going with him to pick them at the farm, but my better judgement tells me NOT to be in a tiny Honda Fit with 5,000 bees. I don’t care how they’re crated: Isadora and I will hang at home, thank you very much. It’s exciting, though. I’m sure you’re aware of the serious perils currently facing honeybees. If our little efforts can help — not to mention produce some delicious honey — it will be well worth a few stings. — Angela M.

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