hot hose! cynthia rowley goes pink at target

We spotted this in the new MetHome and had to blog it. At Target, Cynthia Rowley has turned a tired old garden staple into something fierce. Behold the hot pink garden hose, sure to give your shed a firey accent. Sadly, it’s not available online, so you better mosey on over to your local store and pick one up before they’re gone. Priced at just ten bucks, they’re sure to sell fast!

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As usual, C.R. does something that makes me say “why didn’t anyone think of that before? It’s brilliant!” O.K., I’m off to Target with the intention of spending $10, but I know I won’t leave until my cart is full. I’ll wind up with an array of unrelated items, like milk, a Jovavitch-Hawk skirt that makes me look really fat, a “fiendish” platinum soduku book, some slutty looking shoes I’ll never end up wearing, some men’s pajama pants, a funny garden gnome, cat litter, a Victoria Hagan mirror, a Converse shirt I am way too old to get away with, a DVD, toilet paper, and a pink garden hose!

That is fierce!

Mary T

Becky, that is hilarious — I can never leave target *or* Ikea without spending at least $150. It’s like that’s my automatic cutoff and the doors won’t open until i reach that amount.

i use the coily kind in bright colors, you don’t have to lug a heavy hose

Oh, wow! I love the pink! This hose would look great in the yard I plan to fix up one day with lots of pink / red / purple flowers and plants.


Yes, I would buy a pink hose! In a heartbeat!
I just seplaceed the Target website and could not find it. Guess I’ll be making a trip to target. Thanks Cynthia, we love pink!

where can i buy the hose? Target doesnt have it


What a great way to make your garden move chic! This is awesome. I also love the idea of a pink Christmas tree, I saw it on the cover of Domino last year and am waiting for the holidays to roll around so that I can get one for myself!

I cant find this hose at any target near me and I live in Los Angeles!

Any one have any luck?


Targets in Baltimore/Towson don’t have these hoses either. Where can they be bought?

Mary T

Okay, folks, looks like we’re going to have to go on a pink hose hunting expedition. I did find this comment at, and hope this helps. I’ll look into this for you, promise:

“They are at Target, in the summer aisles, there is a whole line called “Whim” by Cynthia Rowley. It is a very cute and bright collections. Even my Target Store has them in small town Minnesota.”


I picked one of these up last week (my 3 year old went wild when she saw it) — it is not in the gardening section, it’s in the summer “whim” section, by the pool stuff. They had a few. I was hoping for matching spray attachment but no, nothing but the hoses. (I’m in the NYC area, can’t remember which Target, a NJ one I think?) It is definitely not for a “real” yard, the hose is very narrow and water flow is less than normal. But for our tiny urban garden and playing with the kid it’s awesome. And pink!!

Target in Pittsburgh (Waterfront) has ’em.


My local target and super target both had them. They are in the seasonal “whim” by Rowley section. The Super Target had twice as much Whim as the regular but the hose is prominent in both.


btw, I’m in Western New York state.

Mary T.

Well, the Seattle Targets have them — at least the one near us, West Seattle, does. (There’s a blue one, too! Didn’t know that.)


I found one in my bay area target, but I got the blue one because it matches our wading pool and sandbox awning (me=style-o-rama, oh yeah). It’s a decent hose, gets a bit kinked but it makes me smile. I have it hooked up to the utility sink by the back door so I can fill the wading pool (aka al fresco toddler bath) with warm water. I need to come up with an appealing way to store it; it’s way more hose than I need and it’s unruly. Maybe one of those hose-pot things? If only so that I can go around saying hose pot?

There’s a coily green hose on the outside faucet; the sprayer doesn’t come off so it’s not good for filling things. Excellent for everything else, though.


They are adorable! I picked one up today at Target in Atlanta. They are in the Summer/Seasonal section and also come in a bright blue.

I just got a pale pink hose at my Local Fred Meyer. It is for breast cancer awareness and I got a cool pastel pink bucket to put my garden clippings in as well. Not sure who makes it. Here is link I found:

Karen in DE

Little pink hoses for you and me.

Not so fast – my Target doesn’t have them. But I did find one online at Do It Best.

I’m with Sara – this will def make me smile!


all the targets around me have bunches. if someone wants one, let me know…

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Where are you located? I have gone to many Target stores in MA – no one seems to know what I am talking about. Do you think I might be able to order it directly from the store near you?

chris wisner

where is the pink cynthia rowley garden hose. Target does not have it

Mary T

Oh, Chris, this has been the subject of much conversation since we first posted this in April. While most Targets did carry the Whim line, they did so in limited quantities. In recent weeks, the entire line was put on clearance to make way for late-summer products. So it’s very possible this line is no longer in stores.


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