adventures in beekeeping: flowers on the menu

Our bees are late. They were supposed to arrive last Saturday, but at the last minute we got a call saying they wouldn’t be available until this Saturday… something about the weather still being a touch too cold for them. We used our extra weekend to get our garden ready for our a buzzing friends. When we bought the place, the front garden was a bit of an overgrown mess. A wild vine was consuming the fireplace, and the little patch of dirt was an uneven cluster of flowers and weeds. Chad’s been clearing out the clutter, and this Saturday it was finally ready for some planting. We heard that bees really respond to purple flowers, so we put in some May Night Salvia, Emerald Blue Moss Phlox and my favorite, Provence Lavender. This will keep things pretty and tasty for a month or so. But what we need to do next is plant some autumn blooming flowers, so the bees will be kept busy for months and months. Something yellow, perhaps. Any suggestions? — Angela M.

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Seek out your local extension agency–they will have master gardener volunteers who can lead you to all sorts of info about your local flora (and fauna)! I am proud to be an MG here in Florida we get questions like yours all the time. Keep up the excellent work! This time next year, your place will be amazing!

Mary T

I would try coreopsis — pinch them back and you get blooms all summer long!