post off: how will you spend your stimulus check?

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The economic stimulus checks have started to arrive, putting anywhere from $600-1200 in your bank account. Politics aside, what are you planning to do with the cash? You could get an Eames rocker, buy yourself some art, or do some eBay shopping. Or maybe you’d prefer to put the money aside in case the economy takes an even more serious downturn. So what are your plans for the extra cash? (Thanks to reader patty bolgiano for suggesting this question!)

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Because I reside in Puerto Rico, the federal government handed over to PR the money to be distributed to residents here later. Whenever the funds arrive, I am going to pay off credit card debts, although I would much rather pay our new West Elm and Pottery Barn stores a visit and buy things for my house!

Straight into savings!


We’re getting a new mattress…I am beyond excited about this, as the current one is killing my back.

I’m buying from a local family-owned store. I’ve been trying to spend more of my money with ebay and etsy and local stores lately.


I’m thinking about a new computer–my six-year-old laptop is slowly but surely winding down. Until I decide, it goes in savings.


I feel guilty, but I’m putting it towards our fall Europe trip. I feel bad spending it abroad, but with the weak dollar we’re trying to save like mad.

airfare across the country and a bridesmaids dress to wear when i get there will eat up all of it and then some. wish i was spending it on myself!


Our ancient dishwasher died last night. We are buying a new one.

Mary F

We are paying off my car, which is a happy happy thing. Plus I’m taking a trip to visit a bunch of girlfriends.

Megan B

We’re crazily buying a very expensive Mark Ryden print that we’ve had “on hold” for months… All of the proceeds benefit a rhino and elephant rescue, though!


I saw a great nickel-plated (well, it was shiny silver anyway) king-size iron bed at the Pottery Barn outlet for about $550 last weekend. I’ve been planning on buying a silver iron bed for a while. However, we need to furnish a nursery too…


I am buying an Electra ladies Amsterdam Classic 3 bicycle so that I can start bike commuting to work.


Straight into savings to (later) pay for our annual trip to Poland at Christmas to visit my husband’s family. Not the worst thing in the world…


We need a new booster seat for our 5 yo and a new car seat for our soon to be 1 year old.

We’re using it for taxes. Ha!


We are planning to get new countertops in out kitchen. *hoping it will increase the value of our home when we sell*

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im going to use mine to build a bunker …

It covers about two thirds of one mortgage payment on the house I moved out of over a year ago but haven’t sold yet. Fabulous.

We are having two 40 foot Cypress trees removed that are on the side of our house. We should have removed them 10 years ago but I hadn’t thought I was going to use that space for a Japanese garden.


I’m sending mines to John McCain 2008 election committee.

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What !? A user is going to remove 2 trees !? Does global warming not exist in her part of the neighborhood!