welcoming spring: ingrid cleans green

Spring is that time of year when we scrub winter slush from the windows, banish dust motes, and shine floors to a sunny sparkle. As we’ve discussed, the trick is finding natural, eco-friendly cleaners that can effectively scour and polish. If you’re into light, breezy scents and roll-up-your-sleeves practicality, Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit is still the best bet. A favorite of Oprah, the kit includes a caddy filled with thirteen key products from convenient cleaning wipes to laundry and dish detergents, plus reusable bottles. While it requires a bit of mixing and measuring, the payback is your contribution to a greener planet.

My most “scentsible” housekeeping secret is Caldrea. This Minnesota-based business is the purveyor of Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products, all infused with essential oils. Caldrea’s new limited-edition spring scent, Watercress Wild Lily, is a crisp floral bouquet for spritzing countertops and sudsing dishes. Caldrea also offers fragrant All-Purpose Cleansers and Window Sprays, plus chic old-school tools such as a French Street Broom and a fabulous rooster feather duster.

The latest offerings from Mrs. Meyer’s include the new, intoxicating Basil Collection laundry or cleaning packs and a limited-edition Rhubarb Spring Cleaning Kit. The rhubarb aroma is a dead ringer for my Grandma’s garden patch pies. (Note to self: do not drink the dish soap!)

By the way, we hear that new Shaklee products are launching this summer, so stay tuned to Shelterrific to get the dirt first! –Ingrid S.

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I kept hoping that the Spring Cleaning Kit from last year (Honeysuckle) would become a permanent Mrs. Meyer’s scent… it was the best smell ever! I suppose the arrival of a new scent doesn’t bode well for this but since I’m a Mrs. Meyer’s junkie I’ll go ahead and check out the rhubarb.