auction houses for the mid-century obsessed

Usually we only have the time to read men’s magazines when we’re stuck on a long flight, but the new issue of Details has something worth checking out. This story, titled Top Design, about the best auction houses for those hunting for design collectibles is worth saving. Even if you’ll never lay out thousands for a chair, it’s worth browsing just as an education in modern classics, like the Vladimir Kagan side tables, above. The only thing missing: Hot links to the auction sites themselves — but that’s what we’re here for. Click here to read the article online, and click through to the next page of this post for links to the auction houses themselves. Happy drooling.

Five Modern Auction Houses

Wright —

Treadyway/Toomey Auctions —

Sollo Rago Modern Auctions — sollorago.php

Los Angeles Modern Auctions —

Phillips de Pury & Company —

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Alexandria Macintyre

I have an original Uno La Mela Red Apple Poster by Enzo Mari that I wish to sell. Can you give me any advice on how I proceed. It is in good condition. Thank You.

There are a lot of options for selling your Mari poster, you could list it yourself on eBay, sell to a dealer, consign it to a shop or to an auction house. If you want to consign to one of the auction houses listed in the article, just go to their contact page and follow their instructions for sending them an image and description of what you have. It looks like dealers are asking $550 across the board for this poster, that is the retail price. Your auction estimate, or what you would get if you sell the work to a dealer, is going to be the fair market value. Depending on the venue you sell through, you will usually get between 30-70% of the retail price. Feel free to contact me if you need any more help. :D