post off: what's your ideal vacation?

Yes, that’s the actual view from the villa where we spent on our honeymoon in St. Lucia. A private pool over looking the Caribbean Ocean. Weather temperate enough to let in the ocean breezes day and night. A view of the island’s Petit Piton mountain just to the left of this photo’s vantage point. A hammock for relaxing. Great — now I’m dying to go back! My ideal vacations are those where you do nothing but enjoy — sunning, swimming, drinking tropical cocktails, and reading crappy novels. And I am way overdue for one like that. What’s yours? –Mary T.

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I like to hike. But I don’t need to go all hardcore and backcountry. Last year my boyfriend and I hiked around the mountains in England’s Lake District for a few days. We agreed that this would have been an ideal trip if we’d booked hotels instead of trying to camp. I guess what I’m saying is that ideally I get the outdoor experience but excellent food, adult beverages, and a cozy bed at the end of the day.

Beach vacations are not really my thing, strangely enough, but I definitely wouldn’t say no to one right about now.

That looks fantastic. We have a friend who just returned from St. Lucia, and she loved it. I think it’s destined to be our next vacation destination.

I enjoy sitting by the pool reading, but I also need to spend some time getting out and exploring.

I often enjoy vacations that allow me to see many new things and try new restaurants, which makes it strange that my favorite vacation is boating on a lake, laying out and reading, skiing and wakeboarding, and eating at the same two local restaurants every day, mmm.

wow, anywhere thats not home sounds fun(not to say home is bad). I like the pic here when you have ocean and a pool and a sunny spot to sit plus a nearby shaded area. My dream dream is Bali


I’ve never been on a vacation like your honeymoon, but I can tell you that it is without doubt my dream vacation. Actually, pretty much any vacation where I don’t have to cook any food is a dream.

Ha! When I read this post’s title, my first thought was: “St. Lucia” … and then I read your first sentence!

Great minds think alike ?

My vacations revolve around whatever band/musician I really want to see live. I pick a tour location that’s I’ve never seen and off I go!


My recent trips (the last 5 or so, about 1/year) have been to big foreign cities: Dublin, Paris, London, Helsinki, and Berlin. We go to museums and the theatre and bars and walk around. We’ve had a wonderful time, but we live in NYC and in some ways they’re just extensions of what we do here at home. I want my next trip (probably next summer, once I finish my dissertation) to be some place totally different, so we’re thinking Costa Rica. Beaches, jungles, sloth preserves…:)



oh, and LONDON

24/7 child care. Good book. Ocean and pool. Masseuse. 24/7 child care.


Paris. Just walking. And eating at caf├ęs. And walking some more. And looking at architectural details. And stopping at Monoprix. And walking.

Places where we can be productive – see art, make art, spend a lot of time in cafes and bars writing, see friends. Best vacation we had recently was in a small southern college town where we biked everywhere and got a lot of work done.


I have two ideal vacations: one involves going to an island with gorgeous beaches, where we can spend half the time lying around, and the other half swimming, hiking, or doing other athletic stuff. The other involves going someplace of historical interest, like Europe, and poking around. I wouldn’t do a tour, I like to explore myself. I really want to go to Italy and the South of France to see all the Roman and early medieval sites. That’s our next trip, we hope.

We spent our honeymoon on St Lucia too, at the Sandals Grande. We wanted to split our time between Ladera, which looks amazing, and Sandals, but Ladera was totally booked. St Lucia is amazingly beautiful. We just got back from our “babymoon,” five days in Jamaica, also at a Sandals. We like Sandals because you don’t have to worry about anything. We had planned on a European trip this spring, but then I got pregnant, and the dollar is terrible, so when we saw an incredible deal at Sandals, we went back because we had a great time on our honeymoon. In future, though, it’s going to be more family-friendly resorts. Beaches, not Sandals, although I would love to stay at the Four Seasons resort on Nevis. And I hope we can bring Pencil Stub to Europe soon, maybe next year before she’s really mobile. ;)

We spent out honeymoon on St Lucia as well. Ladera was where we stayed and it was spectacular! It was perfect for a honeymoon. Secluded. Quiet. Great weather. Stunning views.

However, ideally, for a regular (non honeymoon) vacation, I think I would want more stuff to do. More places to explore. More touristy stuff & shopping.

Bob Grant

Hi-there. We went on our luxury holidays to st lucia last year-we stayed here:
and i have to say that it was fantastic for us….the people are so friendly and the island has a very relaxed vibe to it. We cannot wait to return!


my ideal vacation is just going to some strange places with my cherry(zengjia), no matter where is it . I just want to stay with her ,and tell her “i love you” all the day.