adventures in beekeeping: where’s the queen?

Here it is, one week after installing the bees into our new hive. The time had come for us to check on their progress. We needed to see that they were getting to work, building honeycomb, collecting pollen and nectar. Also, we wanted to confirm that queen was still in there, getting lots of attention and laying eggs (sometimes in a new hive, the queen may leave). I must admit it is a little scary approaching a thriving hive in the middle of a sunny day. I stood back a few feet while Chad got up close and personal with the hive. He carefully pulled out each “file” and inspected it. We couldn’t believe how much honeycomb these little guys had produced after just a few days! It’s so amazing. But, unfortunately, we could not spot the queen and don’t think we saw any evidence of eggs. It’s really hard to tell though, with hundreds of bees buzzing around on each file — as the above image shows. If you click here you can see a mega-sized image. Perhaps you can spot the queen? We couldn’t! We’re trying not to panic though. Chad’s going to check again this week, and hopefully he’ll spot her or evidence of eggs. If not, we may have to order another queen — pronto — and hope our hive survives! — Angela M.

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Wow, amazing pic.
Good luck with the Queen!

My parents and grandparents kept bees. Now I’m a first time beekeeper too! Thankfully, I found a 30 year veteran bee mentor to show me the ropes.

We started a family farm blog. Read our bee delivery story here:

Good luck with your bees Angela!

(btw…I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I love it…Megan K is my old neighbor. We moved to a farm 40 min outside the miniapple last August.)

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