adventures in beekeeping: hooray! we've got larvae

Yippee! The queen is in the house! After a week of wondering if our bees were in danger without royalty to guide them, we are pleased to report that our hive’s queen is indeed in residence. Chad darted up to the cottage the other day to check things out. When he pulled the files out of the hive, not only did he find that our little winged pals had been super busy producing honeycomb, but they’re making more bees. That’s right, he saw some baby bees! I swear the pride in Chad’s voice when he called with the news was comparable to our first Isadora-ultrasound. It is very exciting. In the photo above, you can see the honeycomb they are building — isn’t its shape amazing? And if you click here you can see the latest video of the fun on YouTube. More buzzzzzzzz soon! — Angela M.

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Angela, congratulations! I share your excitement and enthusiasm!!
(see my comment on your last bee adventure post.)

Here’s our bee update: The queens in our 3 hives are thriving and performing their royal duties magnificently. Lots of new baby bees hatching. Workers in 2 hives made queen egg cells which we immediately scraped out to prevent the colonies from making new queens. Apparently, that is what happens when they get a little annoyed with their queens performance. As a bee new-bee, whoa, this is all fascinating.


fascinating to say the least!!!! i cant wait to check in on them in a few weeks to see how they are doing. i took a look at your bee blog, VERY fun!! please keep us posted on your bee progress.

How very exciting! Congrats!

I have to admit to a little envy, though…have been nudging Hubby about starting our own beehive and he’s not terribly thrilled about the idea.

It should be very fun for you to watch!

Ha on the Rushmore music on the video.

That is so neat…congrats!!

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