design blogging advice from velocity's lab #2

The Seattle art, design and decor community now has a great place to network. The second Lab at Velocity Art and Design was even better attended than the first, and the crowd had a ton of questions about blogging for those of us on the panel. Since I was up there trying to answer and not taking notes, there’s no way I can quote anyone directly, but I can summarize some of the blogging points as best as I can:

1) Have a brand. If you want to blog, have some idea ahead of time of what you will and won’t cover and how you’ll do it — for instance, you may choose to inject a lot of personal anecdotes or to avoid sarcasm. The trick is to know yourself and follow your instincts.
2) Be passionate. Your audience can tell whether or not you love what you’re writing about (just check our masthead — we love our homes and writing about things that make them better). Write about what you love.
3) Post regularly. Not every blog posts every single day, but if you want readers, you have to give them something to come back to. It’s so obvious, but true — nothing kills a blog faster than simply not updating in a timely fashion.
4) Join the conversation. You’ll find the best blogs, start to build your own community, and get people familiar with you by simply reading the sites your favorite blogs are linking to. Once you’re there, leave comments and participate in the discussion in a meaningful way. (We love when people answer our post-offs.) But the trick is to engage with others, not simply to post “visit my blog” comments.
5) Share ideas. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you have a good idea, don’t be afraid to contact your favorite blog with an idea for a guest post. Ditto for having a great product you think we might want to write about. We may not always take you up on it, but if we like what we see, we just might.

Update: Check out the excellent and very comprehensive post at Not Martha — great advice.

Not in Seattle? Don’t worry — stay tuned for a future post on getting a group like the Lab started in your community. And click the link for more photos! –Mary T.

Lab attendees chat before the presentation.

Megan of Not Martha, Mary T., and Tula of Whorange. Tula came to Velocity straight from her flight from LA — we were so excited to meet her, and she’s just as stylish in person.

Decorno‘s not much for photos, but she was happy to volunteer her bag for duty.

Tula with Megan B. (you may remember her recipes) and Shelterrific reader Dave S.

Michelle B. of Yelp, Dave S., and Velocity owner John Tusher.

Design blog fans Kris and Jamie.

Learn more about The Lab at Velocity Art and Design.

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Ian M.

Nice job, Mary! Looks like a good time.

Mary…you did a GREAT job last night!!! I thought it was a very inspiring evening and so many nice people. Great pics! Tula was quite the stylish one with that dress!!! And Michelle from Yelp with the uber-cute top! And loved your top! Though we can’t see the detail in that sweet shot of you, Megan (who I still didn’t get to meet…rats!), and Tula!
Anyway, blah, blah, blah. Y’all were awesome and I look forward to seeing you next time!

(Just so we’re all perfectly clear, I adore “!” & “…” …A LOT! See what I mean?)

A couple of other photos from the event:


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Mary, thanks so much for sharing last night. Tons of fun and super educational!

Totally enjoyed your talk last night. It was my first time at the Lab and I’ll definitely be back for the next one…

I was in attendance and had so much fun! Nice little round-up here too, it’s very informative. I was really impressed by the lab and look forward to the next one too! You girls were all very engaging speakers. :-)

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