ikea find + my top three decorating tips

Probably too expensive for me, I thought when I spotted this black leather chair in my friend B.’s home office. Not so! It’s from Ikea, and it’s not leather (read: very cleanable).

Other things learned from hanging with the ever-stylish B.? 1) Have a sense of humor. B.’s office boasts built-in shelves stocked with a writer’s must-haves: pencils, paper and…cognac.

2) Black rocks. It looks high-end and hip. I think black side tables look so fancy and fresh; I nabbed this stenciled one while hitting the flea markets in upstate New York with B.

3) Thumbs up to chairs and sofas. Dominique Browning, writing years ago in the now-defunct House & Garden, raved over the couch in her kitchen. My take? A comfy chair or sofa in an office, bedroom, even bathroom is heaven.

And now, I’d love to hear your top-threes. —Bunny W.

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Mary T

1. Take a chance on your wall color: you can always paint over it!
2. If you’re not sure about it, come back in a week. If you still want it, buy it.
3. Surround yourself with the things you love. Obvious, but that’s why I have a wilting four-leaf-clover and an old “Sturdy Pants!” jeans-patch package on my walls.

Bunny W.

Number 2 applies to clothes shopping, too! And, this is somewhat cheesy/annoyingly cutesy, but my bedroom door is decked out with postcards that have bunnies on them (some are scary bunnies, some fat bunnies, bunnies doing bad things–you get the picture).

Bunny W.

Oh, Mary T–I meant to say about the bunnies, they apply to your number 3, “surround yourself with the things you love.” (Or, in my case, “find amusing.”)

Mary T

Bunny, have you checked out the Bad Bunny group on Flickr? : )

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[…] 1. Surround yourself with the things you love. Sage advice from our own Mary T., who wrote: “Obvious, but that’s why I have a wilting four-leaf-clover and an old ‘Sturdy Pants!’ jeans-patch package on my walls.” What are your top decorating tips? Share them along with Bunny and Mary at this post. […]

I’m thrilled to see Dominique’s knack for sofas in unconventional rooms connected with you. As her editor, I thought you might like to know that she is publishing a new book: SLOW LOVE: HOW I LOST MY JOB, PUT ON MY PAJAMAS & FOUND HAPPINESS will be in bookstores in mid-April. Publishers Weekly raves, “There is such feeling and care on each page of Browning’s well-honed memoir—her rediscovery of nature, her avowal to let love find her rather than seek it, tapping satisfying work at her own keyboard—that the reader is swept along in a pleasant mood of transcendence.”