blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Gorgeous pastel macaroons from Laduree Paris are feted at Boatshedchic. They almost make us want to watch Marie Antoinette again. Almost.

We’re drooling over the tile fireplace from Bisazza we spotted at Urban Flea.

And since we’ve been talking blogging a lot this week, check out Urban Flea’s bed contest for a chance to write a guest post at her place.

Beefy gets campy! See the salute to campout enamelware at The Bedlam of Beefy (including a hilarious anecdote of being a camp counselor).

While we’re camping, remember the ballpoint-pen cutlery? MoCo Loco shares a similar idea for the great outdoors: Anafim Outdoor Cutlery that you finish with branches.

I Suwannee loves these “little stuffed curiosities” from Lyndie Dourthe. So do we.

Beach Bungalow 8 takes a trip to Walnut Wallpaper. We could get lost in there for days.

From our partners

We stumbled upon these beauties while on a shoot in L.A. last week- The boxes are gorgeous, they made a great prop..then we ate them all and I felt sick! Cheers

Wow, I love that Bisazza tile fireplace too — thanks for finding & posting.