cool, biodegradable (sort of) umbra trash cans

I saw these Umbra Artala trash cans in person over the weekend and the designs hooked me right away — more great-looking garbage cans like these, please. The fact that they’re labeled “biodegradable” I actually found a bit puzzling. The Artala cans are made of plastic designed to “break down into a powder” in a landfill, but of course — that still leaves plastic powder behind. But if it’s a good-looking and very reasonably priced (Just $16.) waste bin you want, you may want to keep the Artala can around for awhile anyway. –Mary T.

P.S. Check this New York Times article for more “ready to rot” home designs.

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those are hot. the bluish one is just what i need for my office. can i get them locally?

love your blog, but have to say, i think these are a terrible terrible idea…
the idea of a plastic that breaks down into a powder is almost more horrible than plastic bags that already clutter our natural world.
did you know that for the first time in human history, bits of plastic have now been found in the human bloodstream… not to mention the rest of the food chain.
the idea of plastics breaking down into powders to be more readily absorbed by all forms of life along that food chain can not be considered an answer to the plastic problem….
so, that’s my little rant…. what do you think?

Mary T

I agree, nativekee! I like the design, but unless these are made of corn, having them break down is pointless.