real life test kitchen: perfectly puffy popovers

This past Saturday we had a friend visiting, which seemed like a good excuse to put an under-utilized kitchen gadget to work: the popover pan! When I was little girl, it was always a special day when mom made popovers. And even though one doesn’t have to have a special pan (a muffin pan does just fine), there are some popover rules that I remember: Don’t open the oven door while they’re baking. And don’t stomp around the stove! It was always like… “Shhhhhhh, there are popovers in the oven.” I didn’t make Chad tiptoe too much the other day, but we did keep it down while this batch was a-popping. They are VERY easy to make: Preheat oven to 425 — with your pan in the oven. Put three eggs, one cup of milk, one cup of flour, two tsp oil, half tsp of salt. Combine everything in a blender on high speed until bubbly, about ten seconds. Fill your PRE HEATED muffin pan 1/2 full. Bake 20 minutes at 425 degrees, reduce heat, bake additional 20 minutes at 350 degrees. The temperature changes are very important. Do that, tread softly, and get ready to impress! Some prefer popovers with savory meals like soup and gravy, but for me it’s all about breakfast. A warm popover with melted butter and a drop of honey? What a way to start a day, especially a Sunday. A Father’s Day treat perhaps? — Angela M.

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these are great with strawberry jam, honey, butter…or anything !!!

Mary – So when you lower the temperature on the oven you keep it closed the whole time? Or do you open the oven door to allow some of the heat to escape? I feel like this is a stupid question but I know I’ll end up doing the wrong thing.

Angela M.

I did keep it closed. I set the timer for 19 minutes and lowered the temp then, without opening the door. I’m sure you could open the door for a bit to help it lower… just do so gently!

Mary T

Ha, ha — I am laughing that Megan asked me a question about cooking. Obviously this was Angela’s post. : )


As a kid I loved this right out of the oven with butter and homemade grape jam. As an extra treat if any didn’t get eaten right away they could be filled with chocolate pudding or whipped cream. :)


Popovers were a special thing at my house as a kid, too. I don’t recall any strict rules…just lots of melted butter on them! Nowadays, my family eats them with butter and local peach jalapeno jam. My brother in law adds a piece of smoked ham and a slice of cheddar. I need to get a popover pan and try your version. Thanks for the post!

Angela M.

Peach jalapeno jam! where can I find some of THAT?!