adventures in beekeeping: and then there were three

When last we left you, my amateur-beekeeper husband Chad was gleefully exclaiming, “I see larvae!” after peeking in on his hive. Well, that success may have gone to his head, or perhaps he was bitten by some bizarre beekeeping bug, because now we have THREE hives. No, the bees didn’t just multiply like mad. Rather, Chad decided he needed more bees. At first he told me was ordering ONE more hive, but he “mistakenly” messed up the order and we got two. Hmpf. There is some rationale to this: the plan is to make slight variations in each hive, so we can learn which techniques work best. Each one has a different type of “foundation” which allows the bees to build and construct the honeycomb. So now we have three hives and about eighteen thousand bees (and counting!). Hopefully, by the end of fall, we’ll have about a hundred pounds of honey. Stay tuned! — Angela M.

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Just wait till I set up 3 more! ;)

Mary T

I am fascinated by these posts.

Can Chad be convinced to set up his own beekeeping blog? Because I am an aspiring beekeeper with unconvinced husband and kids, and I would love more detail on these adventures!


I second Paige’s motion!

Tiffany S.

and this is how we ended up with TWO worm bins!

I, too, am oddly drawn to beekeeping sites!

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