stylish house numbers, no matter what your style

Above: Custom-made stained glass house numbers from L A Mosaic Gifts

Five months after moving into our house, we’re slowly redoing or replacing the parts that aren’t our personal style. One area that I’ve become strangely obsessed with is our house numbers. They’re the standard-issue hardware store variety right now, and we’d like them to reflect our slightly more modern aesthetic. A seplace online for house numbers turned up a bonanza of ideas for personal style, from cool to downright kooky. –Mary T.

Want some modern numbers in aluminum or stainless? Custom House Numbers will make them to order from an amazing 35,000+ selection of fonts!

The House Number Connection also has an enormous collection of styles that range from sedate Craftsman tiles to the weird and witty, like the “Peace Love Dove” design for the ’60s child, or this “Creepy Goo” style for Addams Family fans:

Click for more house numbers — elegant, cute, and classic!

Check Etsy if you’re interested in something colorful like the stained glass from L A Mosaic Gifts at the top of this post or a custom tile mosaic from Jennie Stephens Art:

eBay, of course, is another great resource. Ann’s Clock Shop has a very cute — but not too cutesy — cat-head plaque that I like a lot. (This design only fits up to three numbers.)

If you’re lucky enough to find your house numbers, you can score a vintage sign like this one from seller clindbergh.

These ceramic tiles from eBay seller decorstuff have a country-French kind of flair:

Lots of modern designs on acrylic can be found at avalon-plaques’ eBay store.

Back in the mall, Restoration Hardware carries a small but elegant selection, like these mission-style numbers:

And if you really want house numbers that shine? There’s always neon.

From our partners

I made house numbers out of copper tubing:[email protected]/sets/72157605589086482/

Easy and cheap!


Our city redid the street naming system in the early twenteth century and most houses have white and black ceramic house numbers. We repaired our numbers because 1) they’re classic! 2)typical for the area and 3) easy to read for guests and more importantly for emergency responders (fire, police.)

Mary T

Hey Vespabelle, what city? Would love to see a photo. Tracy, that is a great idea and looks great, too! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, definitely legibility for police and fire is a must. We live in a house with numbers on the front, back and the garage — it has access from both an alley and a street far down a hill. So we have a bit of leeway with certain areas.

Tiffany S.

We got ours here:

Their selection is a bit limited but they had exactly what we were looking for: Metropolitan Retro Modern! They’re kinda Bewitchedy!

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I would like to share my selection of Reflective Mosaic Numbers, you can see them at my website.