strangely appealing: glass landscaping materials

Forget the black satin mulch — how do you feel about cobalt blue, man-made “sea glass”? I confess that stumbling across the Garden of Glass website gave me pause, but now I can’t stop thinking about how I can incorporate tiny, sanded glimmers of colorful glass (or big hunks of it) into our yard. And the glass fire pits are stunning. What do you think? –Mary T.

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I actually have the black glass in our fireplace. Much more ecofriendly than wood and very pretty. People rave about it constantly.


i love the jade sea glass on the web site


I’ve always wanted to inset some in resin for the garden path.

Megan B

Mary, since you’re local to Seattle, I thought you might also want to check out this site, which features the same kind of thing, but it’s all recycled tumbled glass sold by the pound for your own DIY projects. They’re called Bedrock Industries, right off of Elliot.

Tiffany S.

This always seemed too expensive. Maybe it’s more affordable now. Like some sort of crazy anti-inflation!

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