book we’re psyched about: leisurama now

“Who buys a house at a department store?” asks the website of graphic desinger Paul Sahre. In the early 1960s, the answer was, “an entire Long Island beach community.” Leisurama, a community Sahre stumbled across in 2001, is the subject of his book Leisurama Now: The Beach House for Everyone. Sahre documents the then-and-now of this planned community of beach houses completely furnished — including appliances and household utensils — from Macy’s, and priced when built for working-class budgets. Talk about a great summer read, and a snapshot of a brief, optimistic moment in time. See a preview online now (click “next” at the bottom of the page for more images).

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Wow, weirdly fascinating. I once worked at the architecture library in college and would spend the time I was supposed to be shelving hiding in the stacks reading books about fifties suburbia, planned communities and the advent of tupperware. This makes me suspect that I might be really into this book too…