five things we learned last week


Bright ideas we gathered from your comments.

1. Pairing down your kitchen to just the essentials is NOT easy. When asked what she would edit out, Holly summed up most of our thoughts by saying: “Holy moly, I don’t think I could part with ANYTHING I have.” Chara, on the other hand, did come up with a few things that could go: “The hard cheese grater, egg slicer, the cheap measuring spoons, the 4 large casserole dishes — wedding presents… need I say more?” What would you keep or throw out in your kitchen? Click here to weigh in!

2. We need more green gardening tips. Startergardner says: So glad you’ve found a way to get rid of mites that works, and doesn’t kill off the plants. I know so many people that say they’re doing “organic gardening” but don’t think they realize what really goes into it to make it organic.” Click here to read about non-toxic mite control that works.

3. We know how to feed our next crowd. Try Megan’s winning pasta recipe! She writes of her prize: “I’m glad it was well received, because I just made a batch for 70 + people last night!!”

4. Angela M. is not the only one hitting Catskill yard sales. Priscilla says: “My husband … bought a pitchfork and I got two bent wood ice cream chairs from a free pile in front of someone’s house. The cane is ripped but I’ll probably put plywood and cushions on them (someday).” Click here to see Angela’s new yard sale treasure.

5. You are open to alternative landscaping materials. Writes Ellie: “I’ve always wanted to inset some in resin for the garden path.” Click here to see some unusual glass materials.

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