how much mulch is in the mulch block?

It’s light, it’s eco-friendly, it’s kinda weird. I recently gave a couple blocks of Mulch Block a try, and my reaction is mixed. Made from coconut coir, Mulch Block is packaged just like it says — in a block. It’s extremely lightweight, and that’s a great thing, as anyone who’s ever struggled to load the car with bags of wet mulch straight from the garden store can attest. Though the package says it covers two cubic feet once you soak it in water and break it up a bit, it didn’t seem to stretch very far for me. (It could be that I’m impatient and should have let it soak longer, or it could be that I am just bad at estimating how far two cubic feet will realistically go — that’s the entire block above, spread rather thin.) On the plus side, it does look quite nice in the two small areas that I did mulch, without looking like that fake-colored mulch that I hate. (Mulch Block’s color is natural.) I may revisit Mulch Block for a future quick fix for small spots in the garden, but I have a lingering fondness for good old black satin. (Or, you know, glass.) –Mary T.

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