blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Check out the swirl cupcakes (and all the frosty goodness!) at Sara Bakes Cakes. These photos actually made us gasp (and now we’re hungry).

Precious Style has so many great ideas this week, we weren’t sure where to begin. But we dream of sitting underneath the Flamenco patio umbrella.

Plan ahead: here’s a slideshow of the nation’s best Fourth of July fireworks at Forbes Traveler.

Remember the glassybaby votives? Via MirrorMirror, we see that they now have drinking glasses! (And we see on the glassybaby site that they’re now offering word-etched votives, too.)

Shaved ice! Now that says summer. Happy Mundane has the scoop on making your own.

Speaking of which, here’s eight cheap ways to beat the heat at iVillage.

Check out the Steel House at The Cool Hunter. (Via Home Rejunvenation.)

Ten easy (and envy-enducing) front-loading washers at Remodelista.

Finally, some timely advice from WikiHow: how to husk corn.

A note that many of us at Shelterrific will be traveling the week of July 4, so posting may be a bit light next week. Keep the grills hot!

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Tiffany S.

From the Glassybaby blog it sounds like their Seconds sale is this Saturday! I don’t have the strength for it, but, hopefully, one of your Seattle readers does!

Mary T

Thanks, Tiffany — I think the sale was actually last Saturday; looks like Nicola wrote that on the 20th. I know I would not have had the strength to do it then, nor this weekend! : )

Thanks for the blog mention!