love the ibride platters? here’s where to find them

Whimsical iBride bird platters got a huge boost recently with a post at BoingBoing, but alas, they seem to have sold out right away at Art Effect, where BoingBoing linked. Not to worry — lots of variations on the trays are still available from some of our favorite sellers. Velocity has the Bianca and Ambroise bird trays for $175 apiece, as well as many non-bird designs. Pia the Writer is available for $175 from Burke Decor, where they also carry quite a few more iBride designs. Doe has many varities, including the adorable deer and squirrel (you know how some of us like the squirrels) for $58 each. The oval Owl tray is available at Bunny Maxwell for $65. Detail Gallery has the Deer and Josepha trays for $62 and $40 respectively. ArtEffect is still offering a few other lovely trays by iBride, as well, $92 each. No matter which you choose, we have to say: these all look stunning in person.

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I’ve had my eye on these for a while, too. The squirrel especially…so fun!