going gocco: a printing session with kristen chick

A note about Gocco: If you’re interested in Gocco printing (and if you’re like me, you will be after meeting Kristen Chick) act now. The small, self-contained Print Gocco system that lets you hand-print your own designs is about to be discontinued by its manufacturer, Risko Kagaku Corporation, though the company will still manufacture supplies for its Print Gocco machines. Learn more at Save Gocco or find a Gocco dealer at Gocco.com.

The Gocco Flickr groups and Etsy enthusiasts had me so intrigued, a friend of mine introduced me to Gocco artist Kristen Chick of Floating Palace Enterprises. Kristen was incredibly gracious in inviting me to hang out for a morning Gocco printing session — she even let me try my hand at it myself. It was a fun introduction to a craft that began in Japan in 1977 — and obviously still has tons of fans today. Click the link for lots of photos and a play-by-play. –Mary T.

The first step in Kris Chick’s Gocco process — she prints greeting cards for her Etsy shop — is to create a design on her computer. Once she has a design she likes, she separates out the elements that will be printed in different colors and prints them from her computer onto separate sheets of paper. Here she’s lining up those printouts to show what the final design will look like.

Chick lines up her design on the Gocco printer to transfer it to the printing screen.

The light from these flashbulbs transfers the design to the screen.

Once the design is transferred, Chick inks the sections of her design that will be printed in green, lines up a blank card in the Gocco machine, and uses the same machine that previously housed the flashbulbs to transfer the ink to the cardstock.

Halfway there! Once the green ink is dry enough, it’s time to add the flowers.

Kristen uses strips of ink-blocking foam to mask off individual blooms in her design. This allows her to print more than one color without those colors running together.

The flowers are printed.

And voila! A sweet sweet-pea card fresh off the presses. And you can buy them here!

Inspired to try your hand at Gocco? There’s a great how-to on Gocco printing at The Small Object. Check it out; loads of first-person information. Many thanks to Kristen Chick for giving us a peek at the Gocco process. Be sure to visit Floating Palace online or on Etsy for more great designs.

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Very cool indeed but then I’m biased! : ) Kris has been my friend since long before John McCain thought of running for President…

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