real life test kitchen: charred corn salad

The other day, when I was perusing kitchen gadgets at, I came across this recipe for charred corn salad that sounded so tasty I had to try. Though the ingredient list was long, it sounded simple enough (even without a corn stripper). You start with grilled corn on the cob. Once its cooked and cooled, remove the corn and add it to a bowl with a can of black beans, cherry tomatoes, red onion, jicama (my local store did not carry so I omitted) and a little fresh cilantro. That is tossed in a dressing made of honey, lime juice, orange juice, garlic, olive oil and adobo sauce. The adobo sauce came in a jar with peppers. The recipe called for a minced pepper, but I skipped that and just spooned in a little extra of the rich sauce. Boy does that have a kick. The salad was great served at room temperature and everyone gobbled it up. It was easily the most popular dish I served all Fourth of July weekend. I can’t wait to make it again. Next time, I will double the dressing and keep extra handy for a second night. Yummmmmy. — Angela M.

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i used a knife, but i gotta admit, a OXO corn stripper woudl have been handy!

You could also use a bundt pan for the stripping, as detailed over at Simply Recipes: