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I drive at or below 65 on the highway now (lower, if the speed limit is lower). It’s made a huge difference in my gas mileage. I also make sure to keep the air in my tires at the right pressure. My husband and I make it a priority not to make any “single” trips in the car–meaning that all the running around needs to be done while we’re in the area (e.g., if we have to go to home depot, we can walk over to Target while we’re there.) Finally, I try not to drive at least two days of the week. Fortunately, we live within walking distance of a lot of stuff (food shopping, a Kmart, restaurants, etc.). This plan certainly wouldn’t work for everyone.


What do you think about Tboon Pickens Plan to save our country from the oil crisis? I like what Ive seen of his Plan, His plan seems smarter the the BarkO’s Or McLame. Ive signed a petition this morning asking McCain and Obama to embrace his plan. You can go to the link if you want to sign the petition, or see more about the plan.


The high gas prices make me even more delighted that I don’t have a car!

We moved to Seattle from Wisconsin in early spring, and right before we moved we got rid of our big gas-guzzling truck. Now we survive happily on one gas-efficient car, and I take advantage of my bus pass through work. It’s such a huge savings going down to one car (not only with gas, but also with insurance & maintenance), and I actually kinda love taking the bus.

I had a killer commute — 43 miles each way, through really congested freeways. Oh, southern California, how I love thee. For the past year, I’ve been driving it, which has been affecting my quality of life in every way.

I actually had two 1/2 time jobs. So recently, I quit one and took a new one where I can work from home. I now take the bus to get to the other job. So now I drive my car only a few miles a month.

You can really see the effect of the gas crisis — apparently there just to be a handful of passengers, and now every bus is standing room only. You know things are bad when Southern Californians are willing to leave their cars!


I’ve actually done the opposite of saving gas, I upgraded my car (had a tiny one that the tall boyfriend was just squished into). For the past 19 months I drove 90m/day also on congested So Cal freeways, and as Becky mentioned this affected my quality of life, guaranteed 4 hours a day sitting in the car. But my drive is now cut almost in half, which could’ve saved me money but I got the bigger car. I do try and get the best mileage out of it possible, but I don’t really have any option other than to drive. Though I don’t visit friends in other towns like I would enjoy because of the prices.


I figured that I will spend $500 more this year on gas because of the increase in $1 per gallon (so that’s an estimate), so I’m looking for ways to recoup that money in other areas. I can’t shorten my commute (hubby works from home, but that isn’t new). We try to drive less, but it’s not really possible. We try to drive the higher mpg car rather than my (small) SUV when we can, but again that’s not always possible. We’re eating out less and making fewer trips for fun, which would translate to driving less but other things have required many more out of state trips, so we’re not seeing a savings there. I fear this is really just going to cut into my shoe & clothes shopping budget!!!


I live in and work in a city, and have a small commute and live near the places I shop and hang out, so I got a scooter. It is adorable, goes a decent speed, is more fun than a car, and gets roughly 80 mpg. I love it!


A scooter is the way the go! $7 to fill up the tank, and 90 miles to the gallon. So much fun, too!

We haven’t changed our routine too much. I don’t drive out to see my mom every week anymore, we just chat on the phone. My husband has been commuting to work by train or carpool for a while now.

Megan B

My husband and I work at the same place, so we carpool the 3 days a week we work the same hours. Thankfully it’s still a very short drive even when we can’t carpool. I fill up my tank once every 2 weeks, maybe- sometimes 3 weeks. And our cars are thankfully gas efficient. But, I’ll tell you- when my car dies (which could be soon), I’m just going to see how it goes with bussing it.


We haven’t changed anything… but my partner and I have stuck with our feet, mass transit and bikes for years. No car, since the car didn’t make us very happy. It’s hard to cut out much gas use when you use even mass transit less than once a week.

We still watch gas prices, since anything that’s shipped uses some gas or diesel… and that means increased food prices. And clothing prices. And furniture prices.


The speed limit thing really helped. My Ford Focus went from 298 miles per tank of gas (that’s when the light would come on) to 342 for the last tank. All from slowing down…imagine!! :)