home improvement: a makeshift bar

Having barely enough room for essential furniture items (ie. bed, couch, dresser), the idea of having a bar in our 1-bedroom apartment seemed pretty far fetched. However, after recently receiving a bottle of port I find entirely too pretty to tuck away inside a cabinet, I was determined to find a new solution. I bought a simple lacquered tray from Global Table and set it upon my wicker ottoman (it acts as extra seating at parties). I topped it with two sets of pretty port glasses, one from Global Table and the other passed down from my Nana, an antique carafe and the stylish bottle of port that set this whole project in motion. I’m pretty pleased with the final product. I think we’ve got a great looking piece of functional, drinkable art. –Erica P.

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Very nice! Mmmm Fonseca…

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