steal this idea: yardstick frame

I’m not suggesting that you start adorning your walls with ducks wearing ribbons! It’s actually the picture frame on this piece, which was on the wall of the cabin we stayed in recently in Michigan, that I love. I checked it out and construction was simple — someone simply glued the frame together in the back, using a couple strips of balsa wood to connect the yardstick pieces. They rounded off the corners but I think this would look great with square edges, too. Imagine it framing a vintage family photo. Just a bit of cabin chic for your own home! –Mary T.

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Angela M.

OMG… a friend of ours is planning on doing something similar w/ his artwork. I will show you when it’s done. They’d also be fun wall trim in a kids room… like bordering some wainscoting.

Not to nitpick, but that’s definitely a goose :-)

Love the idea! Will just have to be careful that it doesn’t end up looking like teacher-kitsch… (no apple and pencil totchkes, etc).


The wooden ruler has reminded me my childhood and made me smile, very nice, thank you.