five things we learned last week


1. When exploring new colors for your walls, always try out a test swatch first. As DJ wrote: “… Get several colors that you think might work, paint large squares of them on various walls, and see how they look over a period of several days at different times. It’s a lot of work, and I’m essentially lazy, but I REALLY wish I’d done that with our living room, which is a lovely buff color in daylight, but turns olive green at night under artificial lights.” Click here to color advice on see more in How Do I Make My Living Space Brighter.

2. The high price of gas has us seeking out alternative modes of transport. Elizabeth shares: “I live in and work in a city, and have a small commute and live near the places I shop and hang out, so I got a scooter. It is adorable, goes a decent speed, is more fun than a car, and gets roughly 80 mpg. I love it!” Click here to say how you’re dealing with the crunch.

3. You have some great ideas for names for Angela M’s honey. Raegan had four suggestions, all of which we love: “Happy Bee Bompany; The Graceful Bee; Bee More Company; and my favorite: Gotta Bee Honey.” Got a name suggestion for us? Click to share your brilliant suggestions.

4. When it comes to teething, lots of simple things around the house could help your suffering baby. Cassie writes: “Wet washcloths work best if you just wet one end of it, that way the baby won’t get wet as well. Although, any organic cotton rag would work just fine. [My daughter] Violet loved to chew on frozen bagels, wood toys, and little stuffed animals fresh from the freezer.” For more, check out these gorgeous organic teething rags here.

5. Yardstick frames are a fun idea, as long as you don’t over do it. Cautions Kate: “Be careful that it doesn’t end up looking like teacher-kitsch… (no apple and pencil totchkes, etc).” Click here to steal this decor idea.

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