better than a gift tag: classic drink recipes to go with the bottle

Housewarming, retirement party, birthday for that hard-to-buy-for someone — sometimes a nice bottle of the recipient’s favorite aged rum or pricey designer vodka is the perfect gift. And Shelterrific friend Dorian has a perfect way to gussy it up: find a few related, classic drink recipes, print them on a cute card, and attach. You can even theme the drinks to the occasion — Dorian’s are perfect for a tiki barbecue. (And, hey, Erica: There are even port-based recipes out there.) Thanks, Dorian, for the great idea. –Mary T.

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Tiffany S.

I love this idea! Especially since we’re trying to give/receive less gifts and those that are consummable are so much better.

Is Dorian gonna supply a PDF of his cutey tag/recipe?

Mary T.

Tiffany — yes, I confess Dorian does have a *bit* of an edge as she’s a graphic designer, but I have full confidence in your abilities.

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