blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Have a kitchen you hate? So did Leah S. Wait ’til you see how wonderful her DIY renovation turned out at More Ways to Waste Time. (The half-door on the kitchen is awesome, too!)

Check out the handpainted vintage dishes by Esther Combs at Poppytalk. The sort of random way they’re displayed is nice, too — they’d look great on a wall like that.

We never cease to be amazed at how the simplest things can make such a great impact. For instance, a small garden at Making it Lovely. The right chairs and side table make that planting space look downright swank.

Are you traditional or modern or French country or transitional or…? Elements of style has a Visual Dictionary of Decor Styles to help you figure it out. Oh, and remember those hip industrial stools? Elements of style found some that are kinda similar in the latest Pottery Barn.

Marie’s Gardening Blog has an interesting question: Which do you start with, the garden plants or the garden plan?

Economy getting you down? Check out the Dollar Store Hack blog, via Apartment Therapy.

A giveaway at It’s (K)not Wood! Not sure if you’re into car decals, but we sure do like giveaways. (And they promise more to come.)

Well, it’s Friday, and you could probably use a drink. How about the new official New Orleans drink, the Sazerac, a a mix of bitters, rye whiskey, and absinthe? If you’re in a giving mood, we will accept the recipe in the form of a gift tag.

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Recipes on gift tags are so fabulous! Thanks for all these links-most of them are new to me. Always the best kind!