five things we learned last week


1. Mary isn’t the only with extra tall and wide windows in need of curtains. Of her conduit curtain rod idea, Babs Says: “Absolutely love this idea! We live in a converted loft that once was a marble factory. We are in the unit that has what used to be the loading dock door, which is now a huge commercial window in our living room – 150 x 160. This is the perfect solution for us.” Click here to see step-by-step instructions for a clever window treatment idea.

2. We may love seeing real people’s homes featured in catalogs, but that doesn’t mean we’re more likely to order from them. On seeing Domino editor Deborah Needleman’s home in Pottery Barn, Daffodil Says: “Catalog pictures shot in someone’s real home wouldn’t have much impact on whether I buy from that catalog. I figure it’s all staged just so, and whether that’s in a studio or in someone’s home doesn’t make much difference to me. It’s not like someone’s actual home really has all the latest Fall 2008 goodies already in it before the catalog’s released anyway.” Click here to see for yourself and weigh in.

3. When it comes to hosting house guests, being organized helps. Ellie has some great ideas: “I keep the brochures for local historic sites in the same binder as the take-out menus (I live in a small town so this is feasible). Make sure there are enough towels to cover one per person per day +three. And, never ask open ended questions but rather fill them with suggestions of what to do always including the just hang out option.” How do you handle house guests? Tell us here.

4. Looking for paint colors online is really tough. Ashley writes in: “I work for Devine Color, a boutique paint company based in Portland Oregon. We get lots of calls from people with questions about how to choose a color online. Its almost impossible, because everyone’s screen puts out different colors.” See tips on how to find the color you love, here.

5. We have very international taste palettes. Pencils is currently craving: “… Bounty ice cream pops from the Caribbean. They’re coconut ice cream and passionfruit sorbet together. However, I think they’d melt before the bringsome person got them to New York. ” Click here to read about about a website that will satisfy your cravings.

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