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When looking for a new home, I discovered that “deck” can be a creative way of saying “stoop,” “city view” sometimes requires the qualifier “if you stand on an eight-foot ladder and stare out the skylight,” and “close in to everything” means “view of the highway, by the 7-11.” That’s why I was so amused to read about It’s Lovely! I’ll Take It!, a site dedicated to real estate listing photos that aren’t pulling any punches. The funny thing is, sometimes you get so desperate to find a house, you go see things like these anyway. We once went to see a house despite the bad photos. It was literally falling off a hill, it looked like the former tenant died on the carpet (don’t ask) and there were open trays of industrial-strength rat poisoner in the basement! Enjoy the bad real estate (at a healthy distance!) here. –Mary T.

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So funny, but true! A house I saw had the master bedroom door kicked off the hinges, when I looked at the door, it had a large footprint near the doorknob. The worst part was the rug in the room had a large piece cut out of it, made me wonder if that’s where the bloodstains were.

Tiffany S.

Horribly wonderful!


OH! I love this site!!! I get a similar kick out of going to estate sales and seeing what kinds of kooky design ideas people come up with…. like the master bedroom we saw that was barely big enough for a double bed yet had a giant hot tub sunken into the floor like a whole story down, complete with big gilt swan neck faucets….

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