long live the polaroid!

As you may have heard, by next year Polaroid will no longer manufacture the much-loved film. The original in instant gratification has been replaced with a “more instant” medium: digital. In response to the news, fans in Chicago have pulled together Outdated, a gallery exhibition celebrating the medium with personal Polaroid submissions. I myself have always loved the simple aesthetic of a Polaroid tacked to the wall, and it’s truly amazing what some artists are capable of capturing in a simple Polaroid. That’s why I plan to join the legions of polaroid supporters who have signed the petitions and sent letters on behalf of the film. Need some encouragement? Check out the beautiful photos on Nectar & Light, a site by photographer Jenifer Altman. You’ll surely want to save the Polaroid after that! — Erica P.

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Tiffany S.

Nectar & Light is a great site – thanks for the info! My heart broke over her story of having to move back into her home after they decided they couldn’t just pick up and move to Italy!

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