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There’s a great story about on-set decor in this week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine. (And we know how you love obsessing over sets!). It’s a get-this-look based on Don Draper’s office from AMC’s Mad Men series. If you’re digging the cool, mid-Century styling from this witty show, the Mad Men’s set decorator, Amy Wells, offers up a few tips. Start with an Eames soft pad chair from DWR ($2130), throw in a sleek sofa like Room & Board’s Burke ($1500) and finish up with a retro desktop phone, like Crosley Kettle’s classic ($50). There are more details in the issue — check it out!

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You all should check out the suggestions from Elements of Style for the Mad Men look as well- I liked it even better than the EW article, and I’m an EW nut! I think I’ve upped my subscription for the next 9 years somehow – it will probably outlive me!


Actually, none of the suggestions made either here or on the Elements of Style blog are actually used on the sets of Mad Men, and they wouldn’t really give you that same look to anyone really familiar with the style, decor, and furniture of the late 50s, early 60s. In the case of Elements of Style blog suggestions, there’s a lot of things that are more late 60s to early 70s (including the Adler references and the Parker). None of the items on the set of Mad Men were bought new, anyway. They all came from antique stores, eBay, second-hand shops, thrift stores, etc. In fact, I know that Amy actually bought many of the items used on the show from stores in Long Beach, such as Xcape ( and Deja Vu (

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[…] of the items used on the show from stores in Long Beach, such as Xcape and Deja Vu. Click here to see more about the Mad Men […]


Hi! Can somebody please tell me what the heck that black thing with the green domed top on Don Draper’s desk is? I thought it was perhaps a cigarette holder or a pencil sharpener, but I can’t find any information on what it is.

Don Draper

pencil sharpener maybe?


It’s season 5, in 2013, and I still don’t know what that green thing on Don Draper’s desk is!


It’s a Japan made battery operated pencil sharpener. I just found one on eBay and bought it just today! (seplace “green dome pencil sharpener on eBay) The seller made no mention of Madmen or Don Draper, so they obviously didn’t know what they had. If Don’s gets more screen time this season, I’ll probably sell it for a nice profit.