blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

There seem to be all kinds of delightful horrors on which to feast your eyes this week. We have to link to Cake Wrecks — photos of professionally made (well, at least paid for) cakes that assault the eye. All we can say is, a couple are not safe for work. Or perhaps humans.

You thought the real estate photos were bad — who knew that what’s usually touted as a selling feature might actually be hazardous? Visit the New York Times to learn more about the dangers of radon in granite countertops.

Score a free postcard set from APAKvisit Modish for details. (There is a squirrel design!)

A Chicago native living in India makes pizza on a stovetop at Gora Desi.

Habitually Chic revisits one of our popular past questions: Do you iron your sheets? (Resounding “No” anyone?)

We admired the results of Angela’s refreshed outdoor deck; here’s more on deck refinishing from Charles & Hudson.

Seattle is initiating a “vehicle-free experiment” on several heavily traveled streets this summer. Anything like this going on in your town?

Here’s a fun tip from Not Martha on how to remove a bottle cap without bending it.

And finally, something strange: a guy in Jersey, UK who’s slowly excavating an old German bunker that was built in his garden during WWII.

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