blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

There seem to be all kinds of delightful horrors on which to feast your eyes this week. We have to link to Cake Wrecks — photos of professionally made (well, at least paid for) cakes that assault the eye. All we can say is, a couple are not safe for work. Or perhaps humans.

You thought the real estate photos were bad — who knew that what’s usually touted as a selling feature might actually be hazardous? Visit the New York Times to learn more about the dangers of radon in granite countertops.

Score a free postcard set from APAKvisit Modish for details. (There is a squirrel design!)

A Chicago native living in India makes pizza on a stovetop at Gora Desi.

Habitually Chic revisits one of our popular past questions: Do you iron your sheets? (Resounding “No” anyone?)

We admired the results of Angela’s refreshed outdoor deck; here’s more on deck refinishing from Charles & Hudson.

Seattle is initiating a “vehicle-free experiment” on several heavily traveled streets this summer. Anything like this going on in your town?

Here’s a fun tip from Not Martha on how to remove a bottle cap without bending it.

And finally, something strange: a guy in Jersey, UK who’s slowly excavating an old German bunker that was built in his garden during WWII.

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Just FYI – the bunker’s in Jersey, UK, not New Jersey.

Mary T

Faith, you wouldn’t believe how much I read on that site and I *still* didn’t get that. I promise I’m not usually that dense. Thanks — updated the info!

i’m so in love with cake wrecks. thank you!!!


My favorite part about cake wrecks is the note to stop sending her the link to the thorax cake.

[disclosure: I ate of the thorax cake. it was delicious.]


Thanks for introducing me to the cake wreck site. My husband and I were laughing for hours. It’s not so much the cakes as the hilarious commentary about them. I was inspired to send the website our own cake wreck. :)