five things we learned last week


1. We love the Main Cottage look. Pencils wrote of Furniturea: “I thought it looked like Maine Cottage furniture but more modern, and then I read that the company was started by a Maine Cottage alum. Much as I like both companies’ stuff, I think I’ll be either waiting for sales or getting out my paintbrush. I do love colored furniture.” See the furniture she is talking about here.

2. Sometimes one to-do list is not enough. As DJ shares: “Lists give me that lovely false sense of security, of being in control. And even though I know it’s not rdeal, I happily allow myself to be deluded. I keep three main lists: To Do, To Call, and To Get.” Don’t be shy. Tell us what’s on your to-do list.

3. Mary isn’t the only one with a big dog in need of some toys! As Kirsten writes: “We have a mastiff mix (with a lab) and a shepard mix (with something) and both destroy everything we give them in a matter of seconds! we’ve had a lot of trouble finding an affordable bed for marvin (our mastiff mix) so that’s a great reco. we still have our bad cuz from 3 years ago! like you said, the horns and legs are missing, thanks to Matilda (our shepard mix) but they still love it. Read about cool purchases for big pooches.

4. If you really want the look of the mid century look of the Mad Men set, don’t buy new. Darren shares: “None of the items on the set of Mad Men were bought new, anyway. They all came from antique stores, eBay, second-hand shops, thrift stores, etc. In fact, I know that Amy actually bought many of the items used on the show from stores in Long Beach, such as Xcape and Deja Vu. Click here to see more about the Mad Men set.

5. For really fluffy pancakes, keep the heat low, use a cast iron pan and try one secret ingredient. Megan B says: “Instead of cottage cheese on TOP of the pancakes, like to stir some into the batter (or my preferred option, ricotta)- it lightens up the batter and adds a heavenly texture. I wish my husband liked pancakes more, or I’d be making them every Sunday!” Click here for a basic pancake recipe.

From real life test kitchen: buttermilk pancakes, 2008/07/30 at 3:28 PM

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