blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

We can’t stop staring at the amazing photography of Yeondoo Jung. The Korean photographer painstakingly recreates drawings by children with images that just make you smile. See them all here. (Via swissmiss.)

This is such a great idea: the Hang On Outlet by Paula Oh lets you unplug energy-sapping electronics without losing track of all the cords.

It’s The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe That Would Not Die. Nor should it! Not Martha goes a little crazy getting not only the recipe but the cookie shape just exactly right. Mrs. Field, you may have some competition.

Speaking of small housesThe One-Log House is just what it says — a house made from a single California Redwood. Enjoy those goofy road trip pleasures while summer’s still around.

Apartment Therapy alerts us to a summer sale at Restoration Hardware. Lots of great finds (but we still say to buy a Vornado fan instead).

A quick peek into the home of artist Matte Stephens is the subject of a post at sfgirlbybay. Not only do we also love his work, he’s quite the nice, down-to-earth guy in person, too.

Decorno wants to talk about cleaning. Getting tips from real people on how they approach cleaning the house is always a good thing.

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