real life test kitchen: asparagus gruyere tart

I’ve found the ultimate impress-your-guests recipe. The reason this tart is so perfect for company, is that it’s incredibly simple, yet looks very impressive. The secret is store-bought puff pastry. It tastes as good as homemade and requires almost no prep. With just three main ingredients and about five minutes of active cooking time, you’ll have a fresh buttery tart on the table. Keep a package of frozen puff pastry in your freezer, and you’re just minutes away from this delicious dish. Maybe next time I’ll swap the asparagus for red pepper rings, or I’ll take advantage of my summer zucchini bounty and top my cheese with thinly sliced rounds. I bet it’s delicious with almost any combination of quick-cooking veggies and tangy cheese, so why not get creative. I spotted the recipe first in the Martha Stewart Everyday Food cookbook, then found it online here. Happy Cooking! — Erica P.

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I’ve made this absolutely delicious tart several times. Once, I used leftover ratatouille in place of the asparagus. It was great!


Mmmmm, that sounds fabulous! I think I’ll try that with the way I make roasted asparagus, which is to use a little garlic powder along with the salt and pepper. Mmmmmmm… Oh man, now I’m drooling. xD


I made this after finding it on this blog, and it was wonderful. Another variation that works quite well is using thinly-sliced pear and gorgonzola or blue cheese, drizzled with a little honey (and of course no garlic). Yum!