five things we learned last week


1. You never stop wanting to learn. The Lil Bee Says: “I often dream about going back to school. I would study photography or writing. I just love being a student. Remember when you thought it was stressful to have exams and homework? Far cry from the stresses of the working world! Love this time of year.” Tell us what you would study here.

2. We’re all in love with Holly of Decor8’s shower curtain. Madelyn Says: “I think it might be the Wash Day Shower Curtain from Anthropologie? I got it for my sister a couple of years ago and it looks like they still have it.” See other blogs we’ve been visiting, here

3. Our guest blogger, Megan R of Not Martha is not the only one with great sewing machine advice. Writes AH: “There’s a great site with used sewing machine reviews if you choose to go used: and she also has a site with reviews of newer machines, here. Hope that helps! Stay away from the cheap Singers sold at Target – not worth the $ or the headache!” Read more about how to buy your first sewing machine, here.

4. Here’s a great way to spend the two weeks of August — flea market hunting! Tiffany S. is among our many readers who knows where the good spots are. “I got spoiled by so many flea markets in LA (Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Monica). I did Brimfield one year with my mom, but didn’t get much out of it. Here in Seattle, it’s not quite the same (Fremont doesn’t even compare), but I’d be interested to check out Monroe which is about 40 minutes from North Seattle. I’ll definitely have to check out Alameda sometime. My wallet has been happy than I’m not a flea junkie anymore!” Read about our favorite fleas here, and share yours!

5. When dealing with pesky co-workers, diplomacy always wins out. As Maria says: “I say tackle her and put her in a headlock. Just kidding. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it. Kill her with kindness. I would take her to lunch and casually try to mention it then.” See more on what to do when a co-worker invades your space.

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Hey, I know that AH! She has an awesome blog with even more sewing/crafting/upholstering insights. Check it out:

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