steal this idea: egg carton mini cupcake holder

UPDATE: We received so many concerned responses about this post, we did some reseplace on our end and I contacted the owner of Coffee to a Tea, where I purchased the above cupcakes. First, you are correct, readers — one should NOT re-use cardboard cartons that previously housed eggs; it is a health risk. From what we could find online, the plasticky versions are okay, but you’d want to wash them thoroughly first. Second, Coffee to a Tea does NOT reuse cartons — they buy them fresh. The following is an email we received back from owner Jilyan:

We really love that you love the egg carton idea so much! Thanks for posting about it. We most certainly do NOT use egg cartons that have housed eggs. You and your fellow bloggers are correct, that would be unsafe food handling. We purchase the unused egg cartons from a local dairy farm specifically for packaging our mini cupcakes. So please continue to enjoy our little guys worry free, and feel good about it since they are recyclable!
Thanks again,
Sugar Rush Baking Company

So there you have it, readers. Thanks everyone for waking me up about this. And now, let’s all enjoy a cupcake! –Mary T.

When I picked up some cupcakes recently from West Seattle’s Coffee to a Tea With Sugar, I was just as delighted by the packaging as I was by the product. Using an a fresh egg carton to house mini cupcakes is a great way to recycle, keeps the cupcakes from being crushed, and just looks really fun, too. Try this at home! –Mary T.

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Mike in Seattle

Great idea as long as the carton doesn’t have bird doo or other unsanitary stuff on it.


Okay, so I’m going to sound like my mother when I say this, but here goes anyway.

I worry about Salmonella. Other than that, I like the idea.

Love it- I will “steal” this idea to transport birthday cupcakes to school on my Little One’s birthday!


i could eat that whole box , yuuummmmmm


To: Sciencegeek
If you use the styrophone egg cartons, you can wash them before you put the cupcakes in.

this is cute. i will risk salmonella for cuteness.


salmonella – smamanella – bring on the cupcakes!

Chad, they were excellent cupcakes, too!


Um, no, this isn’t a good idea because of salmonella. Government health departments and extensions say you shouldn’t reuse just for this reason.

Do whatever you want at home, but don’t make other people’s kids sick. The kids can’t make their own decision – they just see cupcakes.

Have you ever had salmonella? It is by far the worst illness I’ve ever had the misfortune of getting. I don’t wish it on anyone, especially not for something weak like transporting cupcakes.

Interesting comments. I would actually guess that they are using fresh cartons — ie, cartons that didn’t actually house eggs previously — if indeed it is such a concern. There’s no way this would get past the health department if not.


unless they are using fresh cartons/not recycling them, i’m in. but if these are recycled cartons, you couldn’t pay me to touch those cupcakes. i’m with mar on this one. frightening idea. cute. but absolutely frightening.


Holy cow! Too much fear in the world! People eat raw eggs all the time…what you fear most will happen to you…careful.

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