great find: plum produce

I was visiting family in Massachusetts recently and spent one afternoon walking around beautiful South Boston. The up-and-coming neighborhood boasts a slew of amazing restaurants, adorable boutique shops and quaint brownstone-lined blocks. Walking along Waltham Street we came upon Plum Produce. The large glass windows showcased colorful fruits and vegetables in a perfectly bright setting. The little shop is a haven of fresh, local produce and specialty items picked by shop owner and chef Barbara Lynch. Lynch opened Plum Produce to give the home-cook the same opportunity to consistently find the top-notch fruits & vegetables available to chefs. If you live in the Boston area I suggest you make your way to Plum Produce for the freshest seasonal fare. If you can’t make it to the store, let yourself be inspired by the beautiful images on the site, or try your hand at one of the featured recipes. — Erica P.

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Just a quick correction, Waltham St. is in the South End, not South Boston. Both are great neighborhoods, but distinct and separate.

I live right around the corner on Shawmut and can completely attest that it’s one of the best places to get fresh produce. Super friendly and knowledgeable.

Another little tip – if you’re quick enough to sign up before they sell out, they offer cooking classes in the back that are TO-DIE-FOR. They cost a lot but are worth it as you learn from great chefs in a small class setting..

PS – thanks, lizb. That’s such a common mistake people make.