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I don’t have much in common with the daily life of stay-at-home mom and church organist K Quinn, founder of Homemaking Organized, but boy do I need her advice! With two full-time jobs, a house with more DIY projects than I wish it contained, and four very hairy animals, my husband and I are haphazard at best in keeping laundry, dishwashing, cooking and cleaning on a regular schedule. Luckily, Homemaking Organized is filled with articles and tips on keeping your home running smoothly. I especially love the daily schedules and monthly checklists that she creates — just having somewhere to begin getting our housekeeping organized is sure to have an impact on our home. And our sanity. She also offers “printables” that you can download and use for your homemaking to-do lists. We’re starting the schedule next week. I’ll let you know what works for us and what doesn’t! –Mary T.

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Thanks for the link. I live by Couldn’t get through the holidays without it.

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She sounds alot like She’s helped me & countless others 15 minutes at a time!