blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Making it Lovely is updating her office for under $200 — see the guest post at Decor8. (We wish our “after” version looked as good as her “before.”)

We can’t help loving David Byrne, and we’re amused to read about his artful NYC bike racks at Wallpaper.

The artificial grass post got a lot of traction (heh) and at least one reader suggested a dought-tolerant garden instead. So here are a few places to start: this column from Massachusetts that could be a good source of inspiration for any area, this article on xeriscaping that includes a long list of dought-tolerant plants, and this very simple yet very helpful drought-tolerant landscape plan at

Underground dining at “anti-restaurants” — now that’s a concept. Especially when you help butcher the meat for your meal. Read more at the New York Times.

Awww: ECOZOO backpacks for kids at Inhabitat and Style Saves the World.

Admire some mid-century-style furniture made from skateboards (cooler than it sounds) at Whorange.

Calphalon at real-world prices is now available At Target. Not Martha has the scoop.

So we’re a little obsessed at times with the garden sheds, but we’re liking the Greengate Ranch Remodel garden shed project that we found at Charles and Hudson.

Modish features some very fun art from Nea that has some design elements that we’re noticing more and more: embroidery hoops and moustaches.

It’s a holiday weekend, and like most of you, we’re taking Monday off. We’ll be back Tuesday — have a great weekend!

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WHOA, the anit-resturant is crazy! Great list!