yes, you can even recycle your old carpet

I took a visit to Daily Danny the other day, read about his carpet recycling for a client, and now I am filled with shame. In our haste to rip out some smelly, water-logged carpet — part of the Great Termite-a-Thon of 2008 — we did what I’m sure most people do: threw it out. Not our finest moment. I’m so happy to see that there is, in fact, a site that will help you find carpet recycling drop-offs near you. Danny linked to the Carpet America Recovery Effort, where you can find carpet reclamation centers and learn about carpet recycling efforts. We have one more stinky carpeted room in our basement. No more city dump for us! –Mary T.

From our partners

I found a place here where I live in Portland Oregon that will accept carpeting for recycling. Unfortunately it is quite a bit more expensive than taking it to the trash transfer station, so we’ll be taking a larger hit in the pocketbook to do the green thing, but it is better than just trashing all that nasty plasticy stuff.