help! i need fabric to reupholster this couch

We received this question and photo from reader Katya. Any suggestions for her?

I am not afraid to dumpster dive if I see a discarded gem that I have a vision for. I picked up a couch almost the exact same shape as this one at Anthropologie. I plan to sand down the current wood finish, paint the wood ebony or a fun color, and re-upholster it with something bold, fun, and modern.

I checked IKEA fabrics and was not pleased with the selection. I do want to stay away from floral and that brocade-shaped image that is so prevalent now. I also want to stay away from red and navy blue. Whatever the fabric is, it needs to coordinate with white and dark chocolate brown.

Any suggestions for cool designers with shops online? Or online shops with a great modern upholstery fabric selection? Much appreciated. Cheers! — Katya

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