build your own teardrop camper to travel in personal style

Sure, camping season is waning, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after a teardrop camper — especially when they’re this cool. After seeing a fabulous [email protected] on the road this weekend, I can’t stop thinking about them. How fun it would be to be able to take advantage of the myriad camping opportunities here in the Pacific Northwest at a moment’s notice. Problem is, most of them are still a bit out of our price range. But what’s this? Turns out there are affordable plans to be had at Tin Top Teardrop Trailers and — we could build our own for a fraction of the cost! Will we actually do that? Hard to say. But for now I can enjoy imagining all the ways we could be traveling in style. –Mary T.

Images via Tin Top Teardrop

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Welcome to our obsession. We’re particularly fond of the ICamp Elite ( mostly because we’d like a little more room. They are super cool on the inside.

My brother bought a POC (piece of …) trailer from the 50’s off of Craig’s List for $500. They are having a great time with it! There’s something out there for everyone (I wouldn’t be caught dead in theirs, but it is kinda cute).

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[…] camping without the dirt, there’s the tear drop camper option. How about building your own camper so you can enjoy the outdoors in style? You can obtain plans here. This one is super modern. […]

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