i need travel advice: what’s happening in quebec?

I’m taking a vacation in October to Quebec City. I’ve been to Canada twice before, but both times I visited Montreal. I know very little about Quebec and I’m hoping for some advice on where to stay and what to see. Even suggestions on which websites to trust would be helpful. You all offered such wonderful advice when fellow contributor Beth J. was looking for places to go in Portland, I know you won’t let me down. Thanks! –Erica P.

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I was just in Quebec in July for a work convention (I stayed at the Hilton). I didn’t get a chance to see much, but do try to see old Quebec with its beautiful cobblestone roads and very European food and shopping area. Also, a new fountain was dedicated to Quebec from France in honor of Quebec’s 400th anniversary (which is this year). You can find the fountain on the street in front of Parliament. If you get a chance, take a horse carriage ride through the area – the guide tells you a lot about what is going on in the city. Enjoy – it is absolutely beautiful and I definitely will go back (for fun this time too).



Learn French! Per my husband who travels there quite often, the Quebecois despise anything remotely English/American. They will take your money but they will look down their nose at you in a manner that puts the Parisians to shame.


Stay at the Hotel Dominion 1912 in Old Quebec. It is a boutique style hotel, and provides great service in both English and French. best yet, you can walk everywhere from there. Out of the 500+ hotels I have stayed in my live, from ‘6 star’ Asian resorts, on down, this is by far my favorite.

While there are a few things to see, including the touristy things like the Chateau Frontenac, Plains of Abraham and the Quebec Legislature, as well as dozens of galleries, antique stores, restaurants, cafes, and historic locations. similar to many European cities, QC is best enjoyed by simply wandering around and stumbling upon little treasures.

And yes, the main language is French, but as long as you respect the citizens and their culture (i.e.ot act like an ‘ugly American’) you will get treated well.

Je suis Canadienne … and, yes, a little bit of French would be useful. The Québécoises are an understandibly proud lot. Here are the most basic phrases i can think you might need (with my stab at pronunciation – hahah):

Hello/Good morning – Bonjour (bon jor)
Thank you – Merci (mare-si)
Do you speak English? – Parlez-vous anglais? (parlay-vu ahnglay?)
How much does it cost? – C’est combien? (say kom byen?)
Where is…? – Où est…? (ooo ay ….?)
Where are the bathrooms? – Où sont les toilettes? (ooo son lay twolette?)
Yes – Oui (uwee)
No – Non (noh)

Here’s an article (not too old) I remember reading in T&L. It is a bit foodcentric but you will have to eat when you’re there. Bon voyage!

ARTICLE: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/quebec-past-perfect


I’m Canadian (from Toronto which in some minds when traveling across Canada is worse than being American) and thanks to not paying attention in the minimum required french classes in school do not speak french save for a few phrases like those listed by other posters. Whenever we go to Quebec city and Montreal we are treated well – usually as soon as they greet you service people can tell by your accent and will switch to english. Quebec City – especially this year with the anniversary – is a huge tourist market so everyone we encountered was lovely and accommodating.

Try some Quebec cheeses while you are there – delicious. Especially my favourite cheese in the world :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Riopelle_de_l'Isle

Have a lovely lovely time.

Oh my goodness! Quebec city is celebrating it’s 400th anniversary this and it’s been one big party all year long. The city has lots history as well – you’ll have your choice of museums and tours, and really really good fun.

Your question should be what’s not hapenning in Quebec City.

Hi there Erica….

I am an anglophone (english speaking person) living in Montreal. You will love this city. It has so much to offer, especially for tourists. In terms of French, by all means learn a little if you can…but do it for the fun of trying speak a new language. I would suggest a GPS device to assist in navigating around if you are driving, road signs are in French and can be confusing sometimes.

I promise you’ll have a great time. You will especially love the food. The restaurants and the variety here are amazing.

The leaves are just starting to turn, so now is a great time…

Take care…



Quebec City is a wonderful place and you’re sure to have fun no matter what. Here are a few suggestions:
-Take High Tea at Le Chateau Frontenac (fabulous views of the St Lawrence River)
-Take a stroll down Le Petit Champlain…just the cutest, quaintest little street there is.
-While on Le Petit Champlain…stop into Le Cochon Dingue (‘The Crazy Pig’) for a steaming bowl of mussels.
-Take a walk through the Plains of Abraham, stop in at the museum.
-The Rue du Tresor is usually packed with artists in an open air style gallery.
-Rue Saint-Paul has some great galleries and antique shops.