five things we learned last week


1. We crave unusual toothbrush holders, even for our unusual toothbrushes! Mary asks: “Electric toothbrushes, has anyone found an attractive storage solution for the bases and brushes? Most designers seem stuck in the non-electric brush mode.” Click here to give her a suggestion.

2. It’s okay to force our love of squirrel-themed decor on kids’ room. As Jnett Says: “Hey, a love of squirrels is certainly healthier than a love of, say, Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus!” See our latest critter find here.

3. Quebec City is a town for foodies. As Shana recommends to visitors there: “Try some Quebec cheeses while you are there – delicious. Especially my favourite cheese in the world: Le Riopelle de l’Isle.” See more travel advice to this lovely city here.

4. Tetris tiles are only vaguely appealing. As DJ Says: “I love it for five minutes, but not for the long-term.” See if you like them for yourself here at this post.

5. If you can’t find a glass table, a lucite one will do. As Gypsy reports: “I just got the CB2 table myself (two weeks ago, after wanting it forever), and I was pleasantly surprised by the heft and quality. I’m sure it will show wear much sooner than the glass version would, but there’s nothing out there that comes close for the money.” Click here to see more coffee table bragging.

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