visiting the new dwr tools for living store

A new outpost of one of my all-time favorite designs shops opened up on Friday and I had to hop on over to check it out. DWR: Tools For Living is located at 142 Wooster street in New York City. While I’m not sure just how “within reach” some of the items at the original DWR stores are (given their often hefty price-tags), the fun (and wallet friendly) assortment of products at the tools for living store are right up my alley. According to the DWR: Tools For Living mantra (they have it written on the wall) ” The secret these items share is smart design. Each one is unique in how it solves a problem or makes something more comfortable or easier to use.” From kitchen items to camping gear to toys for all ages- this store is a mecca of exciting but practical design.

My favorite item from today was the Cadrona Mailbox. The bright red, flip-top box caused me severe mailbox lust (who knew there was such a thing!). — Erica P.

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